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What is Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring ?

ABPM is a diagnostic test to determine the presence of hypertension, by taking measurements during normal daily activities, over a span of 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours & upto 7 days. It helps to diagnose as well as monitor high blood pressure to help you gain a deeper understanding of your blood pressure patterns.

Why Ambulatory-Blood-Pressure-Monitoring

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Product Specifications

Protocol, Child Mode and Maximum initial inflation Pressure can be set on the unit.
Monitor your patient for up to seven days or up to 500 readings on two M batteries.
The 'Comfort Mode' setting controls initial inflation pressure reducing patient anxiety and thus enhancing compliance.
The device can be connected to our external printing device for easy printout.
Comprehensively tested and validated against all three of the recognized international protocols.
Validations: BHS (A/A) ESH, ANSI/ AAMI SP10: 2002 & IEC Standard
FDA Certificate
Clinically Proven

How it works

Step 1
Device Placement

A small, portable blood pressure monitor is attached to the person's arm, usually the non-dominant one.

Step 2
Blood Pressure Measurements

The device automatically inflates the cuff at regular intervals (typically every 5 to 120 minutes) during waking hours and every 60 to 120 minutes during sleep.

Step 3
Data Recording

The ABPM device records pulse rate, physical activity level and blood pressure measurement along with the corresponding time of day.

Step 4
Lifestyle and Activity Tracking

During the monitoring period, the person wearing the ABPM device is typically encouraged to continue their daily activities.

Step 5
Device Return

The device can be used from 24 hours to 7 days depending upon the monitoring period and there after returned to the providen.

Step 6
Data Analysis

The recorded data is downloaded from the device and analyzed using specialized software.

Step 7
Data Accuracy

The ABPM devicr uncovers noctural hypertension and detects white coat/ masked hypertension.

Step 7
Interpretation and Diagnosis

The healthcare provider reviews the ABPM report to evaluate the person's blood pressure patterns and make an accurate diagnosis

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