Healthcare services at home

  • Nurse at Home

  • Doctor at Home

  • Physio at Home

  • Medicines at Home

  • Diagnosis at Home

  • Medical Devices at Home

Parent Care Plans

3 Month Plan

3 Doctor Visits

6 Physio Visits

Investigation at home(10% discount)

Medicines at home(5% discount)

Online Patient Health Record

Helpline(9am - 5pm)

Emergency Ambulance Service

10% discount on additional Doctor / Physio visits

6 Month Plan

6 Doctor Visits

12 Physio Visits

Investigation at home(15% discount)

Medicines at home(10% discount)

Online Patient Health Record

Helpline(9am - 5pm)

Emergency Ambulance Service

15% discount on additional Doctor / Physio visits

For more details, enquiries or to customize your own Parent Care Plan, call 1860-500-8585.

Clinical Assesment

If you are not sure what parent care plan to choose, schedule a clinical assessment with the Apollo HomeCare team at home now!

What a Clinical Assessment involves:

  • Preliminary 360 check-up by an attending Physician.
  • Examination of past health records and files.
  • Assessment of current ailments and future risks.
  • Analysis of medications and lifestyle routine.
  • Telephonic or Skype follow-up with family and caregivers.
  • Customized care plan with detailed further treatment.

Why Choose Parent Care?

From the time we are born, our parents are our constant source of support. And in their time of need, we want to help you do everything to keep them healthy and happy. Apollo HomeCare’s team of dedicated Doctors, Nurses and Health Aides work together to keep the elderly and dependant safe in their homes. Specialized and personal year round care allows for continuum of medical services and rehabilitation, which builds a sense of independence in patients. Enrolling your parents in our Parent Care plans ensures that they are taken care of, to put families living away from them at ease.


  • Increased sense of independence with medical care at home.
  • Faster recovery and improved quality of life.
  • Reduced risk of travel related incidents and infections.
  • Prevents exacerbation of ailments through close monitoring.
  • Regular update by the HomeCare team to families.
  • Improved medication and dietary compliance

The Apollo HomeCare Promise.

  • Experienced Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Respiratory Therapists who come home.
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment managed by trained HomeCare professionals.
  • Unique treatment options with a personalized approach.
  • Clinical excellence delivered with care.
  • Affordability- save time and cost associated with hospital visits.
  • High quality and professional services guaranteed with the Apollo HomeCare team.
  • Increased sense of independence with treatments at home.

FAQ’s/ What you need to know.

A base health checkup determines your base vitals and risk areas through a series of systematic tests. This is done to establish clinical goals through our multidisciplinary approach. A base health checkup includes:

  • Glycosylated Hemoglobin (Hba1c) - Whole Blood
  • Cervical/Vaginal Smear
  • Ultrasound Screening Whole Abdomen
  • Eye Screening
  • Lipid Profile Test (Package)
  • Cardiac Stress Test - (Tmt)
  • Physical Examination/Consultation By Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Urea - Serum / Plasma
  • Ecg
  • Urine Routine (Cue)
  • Creatinine - Serum / Plasma
  • Uric Acid - Serum
  • Gynaeocological Consultation
  • C B C With Esr (Automation + Standard Method)
  • Glucose - Serum / Plasma (Fasting)
  • X-Ray Chest Pa
  • Diet Counselling
  • 2d-Echo With Colour Doppler

Our Parent Care plan is customized to suit individual patient needs. The package includes a list of services and tests that cater to most of our patient requirements. If a patient does require services that are not listed in our plan, we will provide them with consultation from the referral doctor, the HomeCare team and you, the caregiver.

The Healing Care is essentially a pharmacy card. Through our tie-up with Apollo Pharmacy, we provide a medicine delivery service with prescriptions from the attending doctor. The Healing Card includes offers, discounts throughout the year.

The Out Patient consultation is required when certain situations require the diagnosis/consultation from senior surgeons and doctors. In such cases, Apollo HomeCare helps via an ‘Assisted Out Patient Consultation’ where a nurse visits the patient at home and accompanies them to the hospital ensuring a safe visit.

Along with the scheduled number of visits outlined in our Parent Care plans, patients can also request for TWO more doctor visits. As our plans are customizable, if a patient doesn’t require other services, such as dietician visits, they can be converted to a doctor’s visit.

Even with HomeCare, sometime patients are required to travel to the hospital for advanced tests and consultations. To minimize travel related risks, our Apollo HomeCare pickup service along with a nurse brings patients, especially those with limited mobility, to the hospital. Apollo’s Emergency services are also a part of this scheme, as an emergency backup.

Apollo Home Healthcare doesn’t refund the money paid in advance, however due to some unforeseen circumstances if one has to cancel the transaction ,we give a credit note to the customer for some other service that they can use in future. All grievances in this can be addressed to and you can call on 18605008585 or 8125008585 for registering your complaints.

Yes, the Parent Care Plans can be customized according to individual patient needs. To know more about this, please call 1860-500-8585.