HAPPY Plans

    Happy Plans are specially designed programs to proactively enchance the health and wellness of the elderly and dependant. Today’s lifestyle and commitments unfortunately do not allow us to be with our parents at all times. For the times when you cannot be there, our HAPPY Plans offer an individualized approach with trained HomeCare professionals to ensure health and happiness.




    The Aabhar subscription package provides a customized homecare plan for seniors. The program includes an initial comprehensive assessment, planning and delivery of care with a team of trusted nurses, physicians, therapists and health aides. To reduce the risk of travel related stress, the program also includes lab tests and a provision for pharmacy refills at home. In addition, 24/7 emergency services are also provided through Apollo Emergency services.

    Aabhar +

    The Aabhar Plus package is specially designed for seniors whose families live abroad. As patients need continuous support, this comprehensive package offers dedicated care to put families at ease.  With full time service delivered by compassionate staff, this program allows for continuum of care and rehabilitation that builds a sense of independance in patients. As you are the sponsor for your parents, we will keep you updated about their health and wellness on a regular basis through a web based portal. For assured care just like you would provide, enroll your parents in a HAPPY Plan.


    •  Peace of mind and reassurance for NRIs settled abroad
    • Reduces risk of travel and fall for elderly people by providing care at home
    • Prevents worsening or exacerbation of existing illness by ensuring close monitoring
    • Improves medication comlpliance resulting in better control of existing ailment
    • Improved quality of life
    • Regular update on parents health.
    • Early detection of new health problems
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