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Holter Monitor

Holter Monitor

  • Apollo HomeCare brings to you WebCardio - a wireless, disposable, leadless multi-day Holter monitor.
  • It integrates features of cardiac telemetry and Holter monitoring to simplify the procedure administration and patient experience.
  • Through this device, Apollo HomeCare aims to deliver an efficient cardiac monitoring service to a larger population.

How Does It Work

  • The patch is applied on the patient by the nurse or technician
  • The patch is wirelessly paired with the companion Android App
  • Either the patient's phone or dedicated phone can be used
  • ECG is visually checked in the App before starting the recording
  • ECG is sent to WebCardio cloud backend from the App
  • ECG is analyzed by Technicians using Holter analysis Software
  • The report along with full disclosure data is made available online

Benefits For Patients

Convenient and dosen't interfere with the day to day life

Full disclosure data can be accessed anytime online

Increased diagnostics yield due to better compliance and longer monitoring duration

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