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About Swine Flu

Swine Flu is a respiratory disease caused by a type of virus, known as H1N1, The virus once deposited in an environmental surface can survive for a long time. We believe prevention is always better than cure. The treatment requires rest, pain relievers and fluids which is administered by HomeCare specialists in the comfort of your home. How does it spread The virus spreads through airborne respiratory droplets, skin contact, saliva and touching a contaminated surface.

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In the hospital you are just one of the patients. At home, you have personalised care. The nurses and doctors have only come to see me. We really appreciate HomeCare’s effort and help.

Mr. Jalan

After he came home from the hospital, he has been recovering better and faster. Whether its how much he eats, or the small wins he’s had.’ – Mr. Shiva Charan’s Mother.

Mr. Shiva Charan

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