Promoting Liver Health: A Comprehensive Approach to Prevention and Advocacy

Promoting Liver Health: A Comprehensive Approach to Prevention and Advocacy

‘Drink less alcohol!’ is often heard, but did you know that, apart from avoiding the adaptation of the negative habit, it is actually said for the sake of our health, especially our liver.

The liver is one of the essential body organs that tends to play more than one productive role in the body. From aiding in digestion to blood filtering, the liver has a significant role in ensuring the regular functioning of the human body.

Considering World Liver Day is approaching, i.e., April 19, 2024, and the theme of the year says ‘Keep your liver healthy and disease-free’. And also, since a brief on the role the liver has to play and how important it is has already been shared, let us learn in-depth about the organ, liver health tips, diseases, how to prevent them, and more to ensure a healthy liver life.


Anatomy of the Liver

Weighing around 3 pounds and with a size of 7 cm for women and 10.5 cm for men, the liver is located in the upper right-hand section of the abdominal cavity. Divided into sections, namely, the right lobe (larger section) and the left lobe (smaller section). It is positioned just below the diaphragm but above the stomach, right kidney, and intestines.

In terms of structure, it is shaped like a cone and has a reddish-brown color composition.


As highlighted above, the liver is an essential body organ. So, let’s have a closer look at how it’s functioning.

· Production of proteins for blood plasma.

· Conversion of excess glucose into glycogen.

· Processing of hemoglobin for its iron content.

· Blood filtration from drugs and poisonous substances.

· Production of bile juices.


Since we now know better what the distinctive functions of the liver are, taking care of its health has become more important than ever. Hence, to ensure a healthy liver, knowledge of diseases and conditions that can impact it and how to treat or prevent them is significant. To learn about them, keep reading.


Health Situations Impacting Liver

We all know that our activities and health conditions are often associated with other body parts as well and affect them too. Thus, when it comes to liver health, the same case is here as well, though there are diseases directly linked to poor liver health. But a few conditions that can impact our liver health are mentioned below.

1. Fatty liver

2. Alcohol-related liver disease

3. Inherited diseases

4. Liver cancer

5. Autoimmune hepatitis

6. Viral infection


As an end result, at times some diseases affect liver health by scarring it. Sometimes, the liver repairs itself by regenerating damaged liver tissue, and in worst-case scenarios, the damage can be life-threatening.


Tips to Have a Healthy Liver

Now that we know what health problems can affect our liver, we should also learn about a few ways to keep it healthy.


Try following a few below-mentioned tips, which can ensure you are taking care of your liver health.

1. Avoid the intake of toxins and chemicals, especially drugs, chemicals, smoking, and alcohol.

2. Maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Don’t share items like toothbrushes, needles, razors, and more, specifically the ones that can lead to the spread of the virus.

4. Wash your hands often.

5. Get a proper vaccination.

6. Avoid herbal liver remedies.

7. Practice safe sex.

8. Consume a balanced diet.


Symptoms of poor liver health

Like any other health issue, there will be visible and noticeable symptoms if your liver health is not up to par. Some of the symptoms will require scanning or tests to confirm the liver’s health. However, there are a few signs that can be observed without the intervention of a medical expert, and they are:

1. Low blood pressure

2. Abdominal pain

3. Weakness

4. Constant Fatigue

5. Fluids built up around the belly

6. Itchy skin


Why is World Liver Day celebrated?

World Liver Day is observed on April 19 each year; it was first celebrated in 2019. The objective behind marking liver day on calendars is to ensure a safe and healthy liver for everyone across the globe. And at the same time, spreading liver health awareness, less-known liver conditions, ways to take care of liver health, and more.

With the 2024 theme ‘Keep your liver healthy and disease-free’, this liver day aims to motivate everybody to have a healthy liver. Additionally, it also guides them on how to do it, what methods to apply, and how to maintain a healthy liver in the long run.



To sum up all the context mentioned in this blog, it’s safe to conclude that the liver is for sure one of the most significant body organs, thus ensuring its good health becomes essential.

In order to ensure you have a healthy liver, note the symptoms if you find any. Additionally, adapt to a few healthy lifestyle habits and avoid those that can impact liver health, for example, smoking, alcohol, and more.


However, if you detect or find any symptom mentioned above in the blog, reach out to Apollo HomeCare for effective expert assistance.

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