Post Cardiac Steps You Must Follow For Faster Recovery

Post-cardiac surgery patients should be careful for the first 6-8 weeks, which is termed as “the first phase of recovery”, during which patient must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions to get healed quickly and restore health without any further issues.

Here are a few steps you must take post cardiac surgery for ensuring the fastest recovery.


When you get back home after your surgery, you must take proper care that the incision (cut) made by the surgeon does not get infected. One should not apply hydrogen peroxide, powder or any ointment on the wound without the prior prescription of the doctor. This may lead to delay in the wound healing. It is advisable to keep your wound dry most of the time.

You can ask your doctor about how often the bandage needs to be changed.

2.Rest and Sleep

Most of the people who undergo heart surgery will suffer from sleep disorders and will be seen awake almost all through the night. It will be appropriate not to take certain foods during the recovery time such as coffee, tea and alcohol etc., as they may affect the sleeping pattern. Consult your doctor if lack of sleep is affecting your mood or behavior.

3.Pain Relief

Cardiac surgeonsusually prescribe pain medication to post-surgical patients so as to alleviate pain. Patients might experience some discomfort around the surgical cut for few days after the surgery which includes itching, tightening and numbness along the incision. Doing some gentle exercise on a regular basis willalso show some good sign of relief.

4. Health Diet

It is highly recommended to follow a healthy diet after surgery,as it complements with the healing process. One should consume food which is high on fiber and protein. Adding fruits to their diet also helps patients in faster healing.It is also observed that postsurgical patients experience weakness.They can start taking meals in smaller quantities over a period of two weeks and if signs of weakness persist, they should contact the doctor for proper analysis of their health condition & change medication accordingly.

5.Emotional Wellbeing

Patients experience emotional turmoil, post cardiac surgery,leading to stress, anxiety and depression.In order to overcome this situation one, can make it a habit of walking 15 minutes everyday. Picking up a hobby or participating in some social activity where they can interact with new people will bring great relief.

Why Apollo

People who get back home after undergoing cardiac surgery often succumb to various illness and several health complications.  Keeping all this in view at Apollo, we offer a comprehensive cardiac plan that extends 2 to 4 weeks.

Ourteam of experts includesa physician, physiotherapist, nurse and dietician who works closely with your cardiothoracic surgeon.

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