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Neuro Rehab

The general effects of stroke in patients are weakness on one side of the body, difficulty or loss of speech, decreased field of vision, loss of bladder and bowel control, loss of emotional control, frequent changes in mood, problems with memory, judgement and problem solving.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects the movements of the body. It causes stiffness of the muscles, imbalance, slows down movement and mobility thereby increasing the risk of falls.

Patients who undergo Brain & Spinal Surgery are at the risk of developing some specific complications. Comprehensive treatment and protocol driven Physiotherapy can help in faster & optimal recovery, prevention of complications, allowing patients to regain independence and normalcy.

Our programs are customized for a duration of 3 to 4 weeks.

Our Team of Expert





work closely with
Neuro Physician / Neuro Surgeon
in creating a customized care plan to meet the needs of the patient at home

Benefits of Neuro Rehab at Home for Stroke & Parkinson’s patients

  • Comprehensive rehab and recovery at home
  • Efficient pain control
  • Prevention of common infections like Pneumonia and UTI
  • Regain the affected motor function as early as possible
  • Early detection and prevention of post-stroke complications like Brain Edema, seizures, depression and electrolyte imbalance
  • Prevention of Deep Venous Thrombosis and recurrent stroke
  • Adapt to assistive devices as needed
  • Improvement in overall quality of life


Benefits for patients who underwent Brain and Spinal Surgery

  • Comprehensive rehab and recovery at home
  • Care of Neurological and Neurosurgical patients by a dedicated team at home
  • Home assessments, recommending adaptive equipment, enabling devices and safety measures
  • Greater independence and better quality of life
  • Improving muscle strength, co-ordination, gait and balance
  • Restoring maximum physical, sensory and speech function deficits
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