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Stay I @Home

Stay I @Home is a comprehensive care kit comprising of consumable and disposables including the entire range of medical care and advisory services that is required to take care of COVID-19 patients for complete 14 days of home quarantine period.


Role And Responsibility Of A Patient

  • Strict compliance of complete isolation
  • Hand washing and hygiene compliance
  • Compliance with regular medications for pre-existing illness
  • Being available for the scheduled call as per the daily calendar
  • Reporting any new symptom or sign


Roles And Responsibilities Of A Caregiver

  • The caregiver, identi?ed by the family, will be the only person to interact with the COVID-19 positive patient in the isolation room.
  • A caregiver should be willing to provide 24X7 care to the patient and follow all the guidelines laid by ICMR.
  • This caregiver will follow strict guidelines of hand washing, hygiene, using the mask, etc. while interacting with the patient.
  • The caregiver will also ensure appropriate utensils and other material to be identi?ed and dedicated for the patient
  • The caregiver will also monitor his daily symptoms and signs and keep a record of the same


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