Suction Apparatus for Rent or Sale

Suction Apparatus for Rent or Sale

Suction Machine is used to remove liquids or gases by suction, especially in instruments that use suction to remove substances, such as mucus or serum, from a body cavity. It is used to create a partial vacuum. This device may be needed when a patients suffer moist cough, are unable to effectively clear secretions from the throat and to maintain airflow in their lungs. This suction apparatus comes in single and double bottle models.

How does it help?

  • Specially designed for absorbing thick liquid such as blood, phlegm etc.
  • It is not only used as aspirator in the operation room/emergency room, but also at home as health care product.
  • Suction can be done from a tracheostomy tube, orally, from nasopharynx whenever indicated.
  • Used to put a suction drain (vac-pump) initially.

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