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Why is women’s health important?

A woman’s health is her total well-being, not determined solely by biological factors and reproduction, but also by effects of work load, nutrition, stress and her daily life. In our society, the health and happiness of a family are directly associated with women’s health. When they’re healthy, your family is happy.

#PutHerFirst with Exclusive Women’s Day Check Ups at Home

The Importance of a Health Check.

Let’s face it, the women in our lives give a number of excuses to avoid seeing doctors on a regular basis. In reality, research shows that seeing a doctor often can not only minimize health issues but also save lives.

  • Heart disease is the number 1 killer of men and women worldwide, and most risk factors of heart disease are not obvious.
  • Most medical guidelines dictate that women should see their primary physician atleast once a year.
  • Regular checkup provide doctors with information to detect issues early on. Popular health checks include:
    • Cervical smear tests (Pap tests) for women
    • Blood pressure tests
    • Cholesterol level checks
    • Body mass index (BMI) and obesity tests
    • Diabetes checks

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